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Island History at “Nantucket Chronicle”

In a little bit of self-promotion but also some cross-pollination, I would like to make you aware of “Nantucket Chronicle,” an online island magazine for islanders (and visitors) that is now in its second year. I have been writing for the “Chronicle” for about a year now. My column, “The Nation of Nantucket” features the people, places, and events that have shaped the island we know and love. I mention this here because I cover all sorts of island history for the “Chronicle” that does not typically show up in “Maria Mitchell’s Attic” including short biographies of island women of the seventeenth through twentieth centuries. So, if you have been enjoying this blog and want to learn more about our island’s unique history, take a look at “The Nation of Nantucket.”


Maria Mitchell’s Attic Is Moving


For those of you who read this blog on TUMBLR, I would like to alert you that it is now moving to the Maria Mitchell Association’s new website and will be through WordPress.  I will try to still use TUMBLR but at some point, it may be removed.

So, from now on, you will be able to find Maria Mitchell’s Attic at

Hope to see you there and thanks for reading!